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Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

  • Medical receivable financing is a means by which the healthcare provider is granted an asset-based credit line that is based on the net realized value for his/her billings to third-party payors (i.e. commercial insurance companies, HMO’s, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Medicare and Medicaid).
  • For medical providers that have accounts receivable with a Net Realized Value (NRV) of $500,000 or less, we offer our medical factoring program which is a funding program that purchases your billings (Net Realized Value) at a discount. Clients that exceed $500,000 in accounts receivable (NRV) and meet our criteria for financing will be proposed an asset based receivable financing program that is priced at a prime plus schedule.  Let us help you today.  Contact us for details.

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